Do I need a Turkey visa?


UK, US, EU, Canadian and Australian citizens need a visa to visit Turkey. Some countries – including New Zealand – can enter without one, and only need a valid passport. Whether you need a visa or not, all travellers to Turkey must make sure that their passports have at least 6 months validity.

How to get a Turkey visa


The easiest way to is get a Turkey visa on-arrival. This is a simple process and can easily be carried out at the airport. That being said, it does come at a surplus price and is more expensive than a Turkish e-visa.

The e-visa is for most international citizens, including those from the UK, US, EU, Canada and Australia. For a cost of 20 US Dollars, you will have permission to stay in the country for up to 90 days.

Where can I get a Turkey visa?


That depends on which visa you go for. A visa on-arrival can be purchased at the airport; e-visas are acquired from the Turkish government’s e-visa website. This takes approximately five minutes.  As with all countries, you need to be careful to avoid other websites: they will charge you an additional fee.

Citizens of many countries – including some EU nations, the US and UK – can get both single and multiple entry e-visas from the site. Others will need to make a paper application for multiple entry visas.

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