How to get a Tajikistan Visa


Tajikistan has a slick e-visa process that works for citizens of several countries. US, UK, EU, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand nationals can use it to be granted permission to stay in the country for up to 45 days.

A Tajikistan e-visa costs 50 US dollars and the process takes around 20 minutes online via the government portal. Details of countries eligible for e-visas and those who are permitted visa-free travel to Tajikistan can be found on Tajikistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. You’ll need a scan of your passport photo page ready to upload with your application.

Multiple-entry Tajikistan Visa


Those who want to enter Tajikistan more than once officially need to apply for a multiple entry visa at their local Tajikistan embassy. The alternative to this inconvenient and expensive procedure is to apply for a second e-visa.

You may want to apply for a second e-visa if you plan to travel from Tajikistan to neighbouring Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan and then back in the other direction. If you want to do this, you need to apply for one e-visa for the initial date of entry, and a second from your date of re-entry.

If you organise two e-visas, be sure to only provide the authorities with the first one when you enter the country for the first time. We have heard of people handing both documents over when entering and the authorities simply stamp the newest one, thereby rendering the other, earlier one invalid.

Where can I get a Tajikistan visa?


The best place to get one is from the official Tajikistan e-visa website. By using it, you can get your e-visa application turned around in (roughly) 48 hours. As with all countries, there are other sites that attempt to imitate the official government e-visa portal. Avoid these: they will charge you a surplus fee.

What do I need to visit the Pamirs?


To visit the Pamirs, Wakhan Corridor or other southern and eastern parts of Tajikistan you will need a GBAO permit. This – which stands for Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast – costs 20 US dollars and is required alongside your visa. It can obtained on the same online portal.

One final note: on your application, you will need the address of a guesthouse or hotel in Dushanbe. These can easily be found via any search engine.

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