Do I need a visa to go to Kazakhstan?


UK, EU, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens can visit Kazakhstan visa-free for up to 30 days. Those from other countries can, in some cases, stay for longer periods. Others will have to apply for a visa to cross the Kazakh border.

How do I get a Kazakhstan visa?


The easiest solution is to apply for a Kazakh e-visa. This is a single-entry visa and will be valid for 30 days. To use an e-visa you will need to enter the country via Nur-Sultan or Almaty airport. A Letter of Invitation will also need to be acquired from a tour operator.

Where can I apply for a Kazakhstan e-visa?


The official Kazakhstan embassy website. There is a burgeoning trade in fake Armenia e-visa sites. They can look like the real deal, but they charge significant fees. This can be up to three times what the actual e-visa would cost through the government web portal.

Kazakhstan Registration Card


All nationalities who enter Kazakhstan will be given a registration card and must keep it with them and get it stamped at Migration Offices (OVIR) within 5 days of arrival. Technically those arriving in Kazakhstan who have visa-free access do not need stamps, but in practice the rules can be enforced rather arbitrarily. If you want to be safe, go to the local OVIR office and get stamped within 5 days of arrival.

If you travel with us, you will receive visa information in a travellor information packs. All of it will be up-to-date for your departure dates.

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