Do I need a visa to go to Jordan?


To travel to Jordan, you are very likely to need a visa. Only a small minority of countries – such as Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon – can access the country visa-free. If you are from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you will have to make visa arrangements in advance.

How much does a Jordan visa cost?


The best way to acquire a visa for this country is by buying a Jordan Pass. This is the most cost-effective option, and removes the hassle of buying tickets for individual sites.

On its own, a 30-day, single-entry Jordan visa costs $60. This rises to 90$ for double-entry (90 days), and $170 for multiple entry (180 days). Exit fees of around US$15 are also levied on exiting the country by any land or sea border, but not at airports.

The Jordan Pass


On top of providing free entry to Petra and 40 other Jordan historical sites, the Jordan Pass waives the cost of a Jordan Visa. It costs just $99 US Dollars. As entry to Petra alone can cost at least $70, this is the most budget-friendly way of visiting Jordan.

Further information on visa procedure in Jordan can be found on the Jordan Tourism Board website.

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