Do I need a visa to go to Azerbaijan?


Yes. Unlike its neighbour Georgia, Azerbaijan requires a visa for British, EU, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand nationals. Your passport will also need to valid for three months after the date that your visa expires.

How do I get an Azerbaijan Visa?


Azerbaijan has an efficient e-visa system with a simple online application and payment portal. With this tool, you can be issued a visa in 48 hours. This system only provides single entry visas, and you will need the address of your hotel.

If you want a double or multiple-entry visa, you need to consult your local Azerbaijan embassy.

Fake e-visa Websites


There is a burgeoning trade in fake e-visa sites that will handle your visa application for you. They can look like the real deal, but in reality they will charge a significant fee.

How much does an Azerbaijan visa cost?


It should cost around $20 US dollars with a $3 fee for processing. Non-official websites can charge up to three times the price that is offered by the government’s web portal.

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