Classic Uzbekistan: Minarets and Madrassas

11 Days
2021 and 2022 Dates Available
  • Kalyan Minaret – Bukhara
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  • Ayz yurt camp 2
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  • Ayaz Qala
  • 20180928_101226_1024x576
  • 20180927_070806_1024x576
  • Juma Mosque – Khiva
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  • IMG_8541
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  • Ichan Kala pan – Khiva
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  • Kalyan Complex – Bukhara
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  • Bukhara – Front of the Ark_1024x768
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  • 20180927_180600_1024x576
  • Ayz Qala 5
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  • Shakhi Zinda – Samarkand
  • Registan – Samarkand
  • IMG_8543
  • Kalyan Minaret 2 – Bukhara

A Classic Uzbekistan tour

Uzbekistan has featured on many recent ‘Where to Visit now’ lists – and for good reason. This beguiling land at the heart of the ancient Silk Road is a nation of sumptuous architecture, fascinating history, dazzling arts and welcoming people.

This thoughtfully designed luxury tour gives you the chance to not only be dazzled by some of the most famous sights of the Silk Road, but also get under the skin of this intriguing post-Soviet nation – to eat with local families, meet artists, learn how to cook the national dish and hear expert tales of Timur, Genghis Khan, the Great Game and more.

Embark on a Silk Road Adventure

You’ll wander the dusty alleyways of Khiva, the UNESCO-listed desert citadel; be awed by the turquoise domes of Samarkand and Bukhara; explore the ruins of ancient desert fortresses; ride camels; haggle in bazaars; enjoy exclusive dance performances; meet famous Uzbek artists and fashion designers; eat vibrant Central Asian food and chase the shadows of Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta and more.

Inspired by Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure

This classic Uzbekistan tour has been inspired by our experience of working on Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure TV series. Antonia, one of our directors, was one of the producers of the show, and spent a year researching and setting up the locations and stories featured in the show. This bespoke Uzbekistan tour takes full advantage of this; those who join us will enjoy a a truly personal experience.

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