Why travel in Azerbaijan?

Neon-pink salt lakes. Bubbling mud volcanoes. Crumbling shrines. Azerbaijan is an offbeat destination just waiting to be explored.

From the oil-rich streets of Baku to the rocky outcrops of Qobustan, Azerbaijan represents the very best of the Caucasus. It’s also laden with relics of the Silk Road – from stunning carpets and delicate kelagayi silk scarves to the famous Karabakh horse.

But don’t take our word for it: go and explore it for yourself on one of our Azerbaijan tours.

Things to do in Azerbaijan

Baku. With its sail-shaped skyscrapers and booming boutiques, Baku is well and truly riding the winds of change. The capital’s sleek art galleries, iconic flame towers and new avant garde waterfront mall are making Baku a magnet for architecture buffs. Yet at Baku’s heart lies the city’s historic citadel.

Wine tasting at a local vineyard. To try and curb alcoholism in Soviet-era Azerbaijan, Gorbachev ordered the destruction of the nation’s vineyards. In recent years, viticulture is making a comeback here, with some exceptionally good results.

Buy a kelagayi. Colourful, hand-printed with Zoroastrian symbols and made from locally produced silk, these traditional Azerbaijani silk scarves are  among Azerbaijan’s finest gifts to the world.

Ride a Karabakh horse. Famous for its effortless speed, intelligence and endurance, the Karabakh is the national animal of Azerbaijan. They’re one of the oldest equine breeds in the world and ideal for use in chovkhan, Azerbaijan’s answer to polo. Even Queen Elizabeth owns a couple.

Embark on a Silk Road Adventure

The best way to see this country is on one of our specialist Azerbaijan tours. Antonia, one of our directors, was a producer on Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure, and produced the Georgia and Azerbaijan episode.

Our expertise in delivering small, personal tours of Azerbaijan makes us a safe pair of hands. You can trust us to intimately introduce you to the country’s untold stories, passionate locals and hallowed customs – all without a headset in sight.

We’re always curious to discuss tailor-made Azerbaijan tours. Whether you want to include Baku as a stop-off on a Caucasus tour or cover all the country’s stops, we’d love to talk to you.


Azerbaijan Tours

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