Do you want to travel the Silk Road, but do it your way? Then you’ve come to the right place. Tailor-made travel is at the heart of what we do, and there’s nothing we love more than getting stuck into planning a one-off trip.

With years of experience in organising expeditions, TV shoots and bespoke trips, we know what it takes to organise something genuinely unique. In fact, several of our trips have been – or will be – world firsts. And that is what your trip should be – personal to you rather than off-the-peg.

Perhaps you have an interest in wildlife conservation, in the train network and metro stations, in whitewater rafting, or in living with nomads.

Maybe you want to organise a special-interest tour focusing on Uzbek ceramics, or fancy helicoptering over a glacier and riding camels across the Taklamakan.

Or you might like us to organise a bespoke expedition including private jets, luxury yurt camps and your own chef? No problem.

It’s All in the Detail


Whether it’s a luxury trip to Uzbekistan or a sixty day odyssey across seven Silk Road countries, we love organising tailor-made journeys along the Silk Road.  We’ll organise every tiny detail: from pairing you with the right guide, to booking you into the best restaurants, to arranging exclusive, bespoke experiences that reflect your interests and how you love to travel. That might mean meeting Uzbekistan’s last woodblock carver, or riding into the mountains with a Kyrgyz eagle hunter, or meeting the architect who designed Tashkent’s famous Metro system. Whatever you want to do, we’ll do our utmost to deliver it.

Complex Trips, Simple Experience


If it’s on the Silk Road and you want to do it, please feel free to chat with us.

Just click on the chat button below, email [email protected] or hop over to our contact page and we can start a conversation. We find the best way to start designing a tailor-made trip is to have a chat on the phone. That way, you can tell us how you like to travel, we can give you some ideas, and then we can start to turn a blank canvas into a fabulous trip. Drop us an email with your initial ideas, and let’s go from there.

Here is just a smattering of ideas to help whet your whistle:

£4,880.00 panj-river-valley-mountain-rangeNew for 2020

Tailor-Made: Tajikistan Adventure

Explore one of the Silk Road’s best kept secrets. This Classic Tajikistan tour will take you from the capital, Dushanbe, to the peaks of the Pamirs, Silk Road fortresses and the hidden stories of the Great Game.

£12,000.00 Silk Road Odyssey

Tailor Made: Silk Road Odyssey

An unrivalled chance to explore as much or as little of the Silk Road as you would like on a tailor made adventure.  Designed by our experts to meet your specific desires.

£3,450.00 Tailor Made Kazakhstan

Tailor-Made: Kazakhstan’s Wild West

A delightfully alternative view of Kazakhstan. Ancient history, city culture, seaside living and wide-open spaces

£3,980.00 Iran Sunset over Bushere Persian GulfTailor Made Incredible Iran

Tailor Made: Total Iran – 30 Days of Persian Delight

Total Iran: the name says it all. 30 days to take-in a huge amount of what this incredible country has to offer. From the capital Tehran to the deserts, Persian Gulf Islands to Shiraz, Isfahan to the central mountains and north to Tabriz and Ardabil. Wow.

£3,200.00 people hiking up a hill near the Masar Ibrahim al KhalilTailor Made Palestine Hiking

Tailor Made: Palestine – Walk the Abraham Path

Walk through history on the awe-inspiring Masar Ibrahim al Khalil long distance walking route through the West Bank, Palestine. Incredible walking, peerless hospitality, empty trails.

£3,280.00 picturesque lagoon in tajikistanTailor Made Hiking and Biking

Tailor Made: Bike and Hike Tajikistan

Two glorious weeks of trekking and mountain biking among some of the most majestic mountain scenery we’ve ever seen. Plus plenty of opportunities to get to know the warm, welcoming Tajiks.

£5,300.00 car parked near the pamir highwayTailor Made Wakhan Explorer

Tailor Made: Wakhan Corridor Jeep Tour

A superb opportunity to visit and explore the remote, stunning Afghan Wakhan region. Few people venture here but those who do are richly rewarded.

£3,650.00 jeep driving through river in the bamiyan provinceTailor Made Pamir Highway

Tailor Made: Pamir Highway Jeep Tour

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan : our Superior Pamir Highway Jeep Tour. Guided by our wonderful local team who will look after you like family. This is a superb route full of sites and sights.

£4,200.00 Overlooking Jamarj e Bala"Best Off Road Riding in the World"

Tailor Made: Tajikistan Pamir Explorer by Motorcycle

An epic two-week motorcycle ride though the mountains of Tajikistan. Incredible scenery and life-affirming cultural experiences. Proper bucket-list stuff. Experienced off-road riders only.

£4,800.00 lone skier on snowy silk road mountainsTailor Made Ski Touring

Tailor Made: Tajikistan Ski Trip

Be one of very few people to have ever experienced a ski-touring adventure in Tajikistan’s Zerafshan Range. High peaks, perfect snow, comfortable lodge. What are you waiting for?

£6,700.00 Tailor Made Silk River

Tailor Made: Five Stans – The Silk River, Sea to Source

Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo, Alexander the Great, Tamerlane and many more as you track the course of the mighty Amu Darya river, from the Aral Sea to the High Pamir mountains.

£3,950.00 biker overlooking a winding trailTailor Made Mountain Biking

Tailor Made: Kyrgyzstan Mountain Biking Tour

A 12-day supported backcountry mountain bike tour of Kyrgyzstan. Expertly-planned route with nights in hotels and yurts along the way. Experience the majestic scenery and welcoming culture of Kyrgyzstan from the saddle.

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