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Do you want to embark on a tailor-made adventure along the Silk Road? Then you’ve come to the right place. Bespoke experiences are at the heart of what we do, and there’s nothing we love more than planning a one-off trip.

Bespoke Experiences Along the Silk Road

With years of experience in organising expeditions, TV shoots and luxury tours, we know what it takes to organise something genuinely unique. In fact, several of our Silk Road experiences have been – or will be – world firsts. And that’s what your trip should be – personal to you rather than off-the-peg.

Perhaps you have an interest in wildlife conservation, in luxury train travel, in white water rafting, or in living with nomads.

Maybe you want to organise a tailor-made adventure focusing on Uzbek ceramics, or fancy helicoptering over a glacier and riding camels across the Kyzylkum Desert.

Or you might like us to organise a bespoke expedition including private jets, luxury yurt camps and your own chef? No problem.

Fine-tuned to your Style of Adventure

Whether it’s a luxury trip to Uzbekistan, a sixty-day Silk Road Odyssey or a tailor-made adventure in Kazakhstan’s Wild West, we love organising tailor-made journeys. We’ll organise every tiny detail, including:

  • Pairing you with the right guide
  • Booking you into the best restaurants
  • Organising your transport – whether it be by air, land or sea
  • Arranging exclusive, bespoke experiences that reflect your interests and how you love to travel. This could be anything from meeting dancers from the Kyrgyz National Ballet to learning herbal lore in the High Pamirs.

Whether you want to meet Uzbekistan’s last woodblock carver, ride into the mountains with a Kyrgyz eagle hunter or meet the architect who designed Tashkent’s famous Metro system, we’ll do our utmost to deliver it.

What does it cost?

All of our tailor-made trips are designed from scratch, then whittled to perfection over a series of meetings and conversations with you.

We’ll start with a chat to find out what makes you tick and how you like to travel. From there, we work with you to create the perfect trip.

Weeks of work often go into a single tailor-made trip – from choosing which guides to pair you with, to researching which Kyrgyz opera singer will give you the best behind-the-scenes tour of the national theatre.

With our background in journalism and documentary making, we pride ourselves on our creativity and depth of research. There’s nothing we love more than poring over maps and winkling out new stories, places and people.

We only accept a limited number of guests each year, and all of our tailor-made trips are designed by our directors, Antonia and Marley.

All this precision and expertise does come at a price. Think of it as the difference between nipping in to Zara to buy a new outfit and having a new suit tailored on Jermyn Street. Of course our costs are dependent on where you’re going, how many people you’re travelling with and how many private yurt camps you want, but our bespoke trips start from £450 per person, per day. Once you’ve travelled with us, you’ll know that this is excellent value.

Ready to explore the Silk Road your way?

If you want to travel the Silk Road in your own style, then please feel free to get in touch. All you need is a general idea of how you like to travel, and what you want to experience. From there, we’ll do the work to turn a blank canvas into a detailed, original itinerary. We approach every tailor-made tour as if we’re writing a new story, putting it together to exactly reflect your interests, and we take great pride in doing so.

Here are a smattering of ideas to help whet your whistle. Of course, they are by no means the extent of what we offer but hopefully this helps focus the thought process.

Shutterstock Najaf_1575x1050
Uzbekistan Helicopter
£4,880.00 panj-river-valley-mountain-rangeBook now for 2022 and 2023

Tailor-Made: Tajikistan Adventure

Explore one of the Silk Road’s best kept secrets. This Classic Tajikistan tour will take you from the capital, Dushanbe, to the peaks of the Pamirs, Silk Road fortresses and the hidden stories of the Great Game.

£18,000.00 Silk Road Odyssey

Tailor-Made: A Silk Road Odyssey

An unrivalled chance to explore the majesty of the Silk Road on an expertly designed Tailor-Made adventure.  Expect minarets, mountains, nomads and more.

£3,450.00 Ustyurt-plateau-Kazakhstan-tours-mangistauTailor Made Kazakhstan

Tailor-Made: Kazakhstan’s Wild West

A delightfully alternative view of Kazakhstan. Ancient history, booming cities, lost seas and wide-open wilderness.

£3,980.00 Celebrate Novruz Festival during your trip

Tailor-Made Uzbekistan Spring Festival

A unique opportunity to experience the very best of Uzbekistan – Khiva, Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent – during the Spring Festival of Novruz. Enjoy the foods, music, dance and traditional celebrations of this 3000 year-old Zoroastrian festival on this immersive, small-group tour.

£7,500.00 Iran Sunset over Bushere Persian GulfTailor Made Incredible Iran

Tailor-Made: Total Iran – 30 Days of Persian Delight

Total Iran: the name says it all. Thirty days to take-in a huge amount of what this incredible country has to offer. From the capital Tehran to the deserts, Persian Gulf Islands to Shiraz, Isfahan to the central mountains and north to Tabriz and Ardabil. Wow.

£4,200.00 Naqsh-Jahan-Square-Isfahan-Iran-trees

Tailor-Made Iran: Treasures of the South

A superbly-curated tailor-made tour of central and southern Iran. Led by fantastic English-speaking guides, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience a classic itinerary with plenty of time to enjoy this delightful country. Stop. Breathe. Take it all in.

£4,850.00 Georgia Motorcycle 19Explore Georgia on two-wheels

Tailor-Made: Motorcycle Georgia

A splendid off-road motorbike adventure into little-visited areas of Georgia. Staying with local people, this will be a real slice of Georgian mountain life.

£4,200.00 the tehran tarish imamzadeh

Tailor-Made: Iran – Northern Silk Route

This tailor-made northern Silk Route Iran tour is your chance to see a side of this country that very few others see. A life-enriching experience that will generate many warm memories.

£4,200.00 shot of a mosque in yazd

Tailor-Made: Iran – Classic Silk Road

A wonderful slice of Classic Silk Road Iran – bustling bazaars, silent deserts, starry skies, iconic Silk Road cities and so much more. Bring an open mind and an empty memory card.

£4,400.00 jeep driving through river in the bamiyan provinceTailor Made Pamir Highway

Tailor-Made: Pamir Highway Jeep Tour

Explore the epic mountains of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan on this private Pamir Highway Jeep Tour.

£5,450.00 tajikistan-motorbike-pamir-mountains-snowMotorcycling Nirvana!

Tailor-Made: Ultimate Pamir Highway by Motorcycle

Experience Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan’s legendary Pamir Highway by motorcycle. A thrilling ride along a route often billed as one of the best motorcycle rides on earth. You’ll soon see why.

£5,850.00 Overlooking Jamarj e Bala"Best Off Road Riding in the World"

Tailor-Made: Tajikistan Pamir Explorer by Motorcycle

An epic two-week motorcycle ride though the mountains of Tajikistan. Incredible scenery and life-affirming cultural experiences. Proper bucket-list stuff. Experienced off-road riders only.

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