Fixed-Departure Group Tours

Although nowadays our focus is on private, tailor-made journeys, we do still offer a few of our classic trips each year for those who prefer to travel in a group. All of these are groups are small, and by small we mean a maximum of ten guests.

Ready-Made Group Trips Along the Silk Road

We only offer group trips that we ourselves would want to join, so what you see below are the cream of the crop. We’ve had universally good feedback from previous guests and each year we make tiny adjustments to ensure that the quality and content is the best it can possibly be.

Our Small Group Tours are Rooted in the Culture of the Destinations they Pass Through

Vibrant. Intimate. Expertly organised. Cultural tours are at their best when they stray off the beaten track. With our specialist guides, you won’t just be ticking off the well-known sights, you’ll be immersing yourself in the culture and peoples of each country. You’ll eat with families, meet famous artisans and drink green tea with shepherds high in the mountains of Tajikistan. True luxury isn’t about the thread count of your sheets, it’s about connection, experiences and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Experience Motorcycling Nirvana in a Small Group

Our very first trip, years ago, was an off-road motorcycle trip across Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Since then, exploring the Silk Road on two wheels has remained one of our specialties and we offer a couple of epic, road or off-road motorcycle adventures for small groups each year. These are always led by one of our UK team, alongside superb local guides, and are well-known to be wonderful, cultural experiences. We would say that these trips tend to attract travellers who ride, rather than motorcyclists who travel. We ride to the best places using years of accrued knowledge, but we make our group motorcycle tours culturally curious  Рpreferring to meet the locals rather than shower them in gravel as we roar through. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then get in touch to find out more.

Wildlife Tours – Specialist Group Trips with a True Conservation Purpose

From time to time we organise specialist group tours whose primary focus is on supporting local conservation efforts. One of these is our Snow Leopards of Central Asia, whereby our efforts to bring guests to see the cats and their prey species help fund the conservation of those animals. While we are not specialist wildlife tour operators, we know the countries we visit and the local expertise in those places better than anyone. Moreover, our TV fixing work, with organisations like the BBC Natural History Unit, helps us expand and hone our expertise. These are unique, often world-first experiences, that have taken years to develop.

Join a Group Tour and Experience the Silk Road the Easy Way

Below you will find a current selection of the group tours we offer. If you like the idea of one of these trips but can’t do the dates, then fly over to our Tailor-Made page, where you will find details on how to hone a Silk Road trip to perfection.

Georgia Feast on small group tour
Group Motorcycle Tour Tajikistan in front of a lake
Paddling or Wading Amu Darya Small Group Tour
£6,250.00 Snow Leopard 22023 dates and itinerary coming soon

Snow Leopards of Central Asia

Unique and fabulous opportunity to seek and (hopefully) spot the elusive snow leopard in the mountains of Tajikistan. Led by experts who’ll help ensure your visit helps to preserve these iconic creatures.

£3,200.00 2022 and 2023 Places Available

Classic Uzbekistan: Minarets and Madrassas

Our classic Uzbekistan itinerary showcases much of what this country is rightly famous for. An intoxicating mixture of deserts, ancient walled citadels and spectacular Silk Road architecture that you’ll remember forever.

£3,980.00 yurt with a bench sat on the silk road2022 and 2023 Places Available

In Joanna Lumley’s Footsteps: Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

Exploring the Silk Road as shown in Joanna Lumley’s popular TV series, this trip has been designed by one of the series producers and provides a unique chance to really get to follow in her footsteps. An incredible opportunity.

long red silk road adventures logo

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