Silk Road Adventures provides film and TV fixing services across parts of Central Asia and the Caucasus.

We know the locations. We know the cultures. We know how to obtain those hard-to-get film permits. Whether it’s finding the right contributors, setting up a yurt camp in a remote valley or finding the best drivers, we can handle the logistics for you from start to finish.

With a background in journalism and high-end TV production, we will make sure you get under the skin of these fascinating countries and find the stories that are yet to be told.

We run a travel business whose expeditions cover this entire region, and we travel here on recce trips to seek new and interesting routes, ideas, people and stories. We can help you find the perfect locations for your film, ad or TV series – and we guarantee they won’t be the same places that you’ve seen on screen before.

From crumbling caravanserais, Zoroastrian fortresses and remote glaciers, to tribal villages, mysterious mazars and ancient walnut forests, we know this part of the world. Let us help you to show it to your viewers.

We’ve developed a network of local partners, guides and conservationists who can help us set up fantastic wildlife stories across the Silk Road region. Ibex, Marco Polo sheep, Markhor, Lammergeier, Golden eagles, Bharal and other rare species can all be found here, and some of the world’s largest snow leopard populations are found in the mountains of south and east Tajikistan.

Whilst guaranteed sightings of any creature aren’t in anyone’s preserve, we do know where to go and who to work with in order to give you the very best chance.

The Silk Road region is fantastically rich in culture – from booming cities such as Baku to tribal villages in remote Tajikistan, and everything in between.

With our unique mix of travel and television expertise, we can help you find the right people and stories for your project – whether it’s a documentary about the Sogdians or a complicated Bollywood shoot.

Give us a call or drop a line to to discuss how we can help bring your ideas to life.

With the help of our local partners, we can provide translators, drivers, crew, vehicles, motorcycles, helicopters, catering, hotels, yurt camps, horses, yaks, camels and a whole lot more. We can also plan your route, book your flights and put together call sheets. From pitch to broadcast, we’re here to support you.

If you want to film in Central Asia, you’re going to need a film permit. The process of applying for these is slightly different in each country and takes varying amounts of time. However, whether it’s Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan or China, we’ve been through the process before: we know who to approach, how long it will take, how much it will cost and what the obstacles might be.

We also know the rules and regulations regarding drones, border passes and restricted areas, so can help you with this too.

Silk Road Adventures director Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent has been working in television since 2002 and has filmed in around forty countries, from the jungles of Borneo to the icy wastes of Siberia, as well as less glamorous locations such as the sewers of London. In recent years she has produced three episodes of World’s Most Dangerous Roads for BBC2 (in Vietnam / Laos, Bolivia and Georgia) a series on wildlife poaching with the actor Tom Hardy and both Joanna Lumley’s India and Silk Road series for ITV.

Specialising in adventure travel, history and current affairs programmes, Antonia’s years of experience of wrangling television in far-flung places have left us with a very comprehensive set of international contacts and associates.

Silk Road Adventures also worked as fixers on the Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan episode of Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road.

Here are some of Antonia’s recent credits….

JOANNA LUMLEY’S SILK ROAD  (3 x 60 minute, ITV1) | Producer Produced the Central Asian and Caucasus episodes of Joanna’s journey along the Silk Road, as well as developing the whole route for the series.

JOANNA LUMLEY’S INDIA (3 x 60, ITV1) | Producer Produced two of three programmes on India. Obtained very rare access to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as well as setting up stories with Maharajas, dalits, trans-sexuals, conservationists and more.

HELLUVA TOUR (Channel 4 /Fosters) | Producer Innovative series for All4 sponsored by Fosters beer, where four strangers drove an ancient, golden Bedford Bambi campervan 18,000 miles from London to Sydney. Ants set up and produced adventures and stories along the route (oil wrestling in Turkey, shepherding in Kyrgyzstan, taking part in a talent show in Thailand, cooking in Chengdu etc) and managed the fixers and logistics in 18 different countries. Not an easy task! Watch the series now on All 4.

SIMON REEVE’S CARIBBEAN (BBC2) | Development Producer Initial set up for five-part series; researching stories, locations and contacts in 20 countries, with a particular focus on Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Venezuela and Panama.

TOM HARDY’S POACHING WARS (ITV) | Producer One-off special for ITV following Hollywood star Tom Hardy as he investigates elephant and rhino poaching in Africa. Filmed in Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa.

WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS ROADS (6 x 60, BBC2) | Producer Set the routes for 6 shows (Vietnam/Laos, Ethiopia, Siberia, Tajikistan, Madagascar and Bolivia) and recced and shot in Laos, Vietnam, Bolivia and Georgia. Worked with Liza Tarbuck, Sue Perkins, Phill Jupitus, Marcus Brigstocke, Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes.

If you have a project, production or concept that you need help to develop, produce, plan or fix, we can help with feasibility, planning, risk assessments, location finding and fixing.

Pop over to our contact page or drop us a line to and let’s see what we can do together.

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