Why travel to Pakistan?

Mountain passes. Paradise gardens. Fabled valleys. Pakistan is synonymous with adventure.

In the golden age of the Silk Road, Pakistan’s northern mountain ranges were the gateway into the riches of India. Today, intrepid backpackers have taken the place of ancient caravans on its winding trails.

The sharp peaks of the Hindu Kush call out to adventurers all over the world. On one of our Pakistan tours, you can climb them yourself and enjoy sprawling views of the Himalayas.

Hidden under the shoulders of the Hindu Kush, Gilgit is a great base camp for mountaineering. From here, you can clamber across Pakistan’s glorious mountain trails and into the epic Wakhan Corridor.

Our specialist Pakistan travel advice

Our directors – Marley and Ants – have a deep knowledge of the Himalayas. From Arunachal Pradesh to the Hindu Kush, they have travelled the spine of this world-famous mountain range.

We also specialise in taking fellow explorers to the nearby Wakhan Corridor. This Mecca of adventure travel can be integrated into a tour of the northern climbs of Pakistan.

Things to do in Pakistan

Enjoy a cuppa in Gilgit. The Hindu Kush is a land of tea-drinkers. Locals are said to enjoy an average of three cups a day, and many of them take it with a sprinkling of salt. We’re not entirely sure that they’ve got it right, but we’d be hard pushed to name a more scenic brew.

Tour the Karakorum highway. With emerald lakes, snow-capped mountains and winding bends along the way, it captures the spirit of the Silk Road.  The old Karakorum Highway was submerged under Attabad Lake in 2010, so you’ll be taking the new one.

Embark on a Silk Road tour

If you want to travel Pakistan from a Silk Road perspective, we can craft a bespoke experience for you. We regularly organise tailor-made tours for our clients, and we’d love to do the same for you. Why not give us a bell?

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