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Bedouin hospitality.  Deserted Roman ruins.  Coral reefs. Stuffed to the gunnels with history and hospitality, this Middle Eastern country is a traveller’s dream.

Jordan boasts an embarrassment of riches – Petra, the rugged beauty of Wadi Rum, the clear, coral-rich waters of Aqaba and so much more. Little wonder that more and more people are heading to this beautiful Middle Eastern country for a dose of adventure.

Is Jordan safe to visit?


Jordan is a haven of peace in the Middle East – an enormously hospitable country that opens its arms to those who visit it.

The country’s economy is geared towards tourism, and visitor numbers have made a rapid recovery in recent years. Tourism to Wadi Rum alone has increased by 97 per cent since 2017.

Things to do in Jordan


Visit Petra’s little brother. Charmingly named ‘Little Petra’ is free of the crowds that throng Petra’s famous Treasury. Some think that it was built as an elaborate caravanserai for nearby Petra, while others have different theories. We’ll let you decide.

Scuba diving in the Red Sea. The Gulf of Aqaba’s clear waters and vibrant reefs offer the best snorkelling and scuba diving in the Middle East . On our Jordan tours, you can strap on a snorkel and see for yourself.

Go on a desert expedition. The red sands of Wadi Rum belong in a science fiction novel, and have featured in The Martian, Star Wars, Aladdin and more. A 280 square mile UNESCO World Heritage Site in Jordan’s far south, Wad Rum is an otherworldly wilderness famous for its red rock and oceanic sands. No wonder Lawrence of Arabia called it ‘vast, godlike and echoing.’

Walk the Jordan Trail. Not for nothing did National Geographic recently vote this long-distance hiking trail one of the best walks in the world. Experience it for yourself on one of our Jordan walking tours.

Embark on a Silk Road tour


Jordan is only a five-hour flight away from London. That means that you can sleep in a Bedouin camp on the same day that you leave the Heathrow departure lounge.

Whether you want to visit Jordan on a cultural tour, desert trek or mountain-bike expedition, we can organise an adventure for you. If you’re interested in visiting Jordan on a tailor-made tour, why not get in touch?


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