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Frantic tea houses. Echoing caravanserai. Silent desert. The fruits of the Persian empire enticed Byron, Marco Polo and Alexander the Great to the deserts of Iran. Now its your turn to see it for yourself.

From Tehran’s buzzing bazaars to the garden oasis of Kerman, Iran is bursting with romance, adventure and the exotic.

After taking Persian rugs to Europe, Silk Road merchants would return to their native land carrying Murano stained glass. On our Iran tours, you can follow in their footsteps across the Great Salt Desert.

Is it safe to travel Iran?

This country is grossly misunderstood by the west. Those that actually visit Iran become enchanted by the kindness of the Iranian people and its beauty. Persian hospitality still lives on at the dinner tables, souks and tea houses of Tehran and beyond.

On our Iran tours, you will see the country from your own perspective – rather than the antagonistic gaze of the western media.

Things to do in Iran

Pass through the Gate of All Nations. Every merchant who visited the desert oasis of Persepolis in ancient times would pass through this regal entrance hall. With motifs illustrating the peoples ruled by Persian empire and the goods they brought as tribute, this monument is the ultimate tribute to the Silk Road.

Test the waters. It would be rude to visit Iran’s glorious Fin Garden and not dip your feet in its pristine pools. After all, its water is believed to have miraculous qualities.

Swap the tartan rug for a sofre. Believe it or not, Iranians love a good picnic. These feasts of pomegranate, nougat and herbal teas come into their element on Nature’s Day, which marks the end of the Persian Spring Festival.

Embark on a Silk Road Tour

We are specialists in Iran travel. On our tours, we will introduce you to the personal contacts that our director Ants made when producing Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventures.

If you want to visit Iran from a tailor-made perspective, don’t hesitate to give us a bell.


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