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Frozen glaciers. Soaring eagles. Lavish hospitality. If you listen carefully in Tajikistan, you can almost hear the rumbling Silk Road caravans of yore.

Across the annals of history, Alexander the Great and Marco Polo have crossed the mountainous terrain of Tajikistan. Vibrant goods from the far-east, too, have scaled the peaks and troughs of this country’s unforgiving landscape on their way to the west.

Nowadays, some take to the Pamir Highway in pursuit of glorious mountain views. Those that embark on Tajikistan travel adventures soon fall in love with the people, from the Tajiks in the north to the Wakhi in the south.

Things to do in Tajikistan

The first time our directors Marley and Antonia went to Tajikistan, they couldn’t get over the open smiles of the Tajik people – and the Pamiris in particular.

Visit the world’s largest natural dam. The Usoi dam keeps the brimming Saraz Lake from overflowing. While it stays intact, it is preserving an oasis of calm in the Murghab Valley.

Spot a snow leopard. About 250 of these wild beasts roam the Pamir mountain passes. On our Tajikistan tours, you have the chance to photograph them and meet the local conservationists fighting to keep them in existence.

The best time to visit Tajikistan

Temperatures in Tajikistan vary dramatically depending on altitude and the season. In Dushanbe – Tajikistan’s capital – it fluctuates from -2 degrees in January to nearly 40 degrees in July. The best time to visit Tajikistan is from early May to late September, when it is seasonally warmer in the Pamirs and in Dushanbe.

Embark on a Silk Road tour

We love taking people to Tajikistan. That’s why we host Tajikistan tours that cross snow, dirt roads and barely-trodden trails.

Marley and Antonia – our directors – specialise in tailor-made Tajikistan travel. With our help, we can show you the way through its mountain passes and introduce you to its biggest personalities along the way. Give us a bell.


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