Why travel in Afghanistan?

Icy peaks. Idyllic plains. The Great Game. Afghanistan has a history of enticing foreign explorers. Mountain villages are hidden within the mountains of this fascinating country, perched on cliffsides amongst prowling snow leopards and Siberian musk deer.

Just like Afghanistan stays with those who visit it, famous travellers also have engraved their names on this country’s natural landscape. The Marco Polo sheep – and its spiralling horns – stroll the mountain passes of the Pamir Mountains, and are an emblem of Afghanistan’s long history of discovery.

Is Afghanistan safe to travel?

We understand that you might have reservations about Afghanistan travel. The western press rarely shows the warm hearts or hospitality of the Afghanistani people. But we believe in this country as a travel destination and want to share it with fellow adventurers.

We will closely monitor the situation prior to any planned expedition to Afghanistan, and will only take you there if the British Foreign Office, our Risk Assessors and up-to-date local information all give us the green light.

We only host adventures in Badakhstan, home of the Wakhan corridor. Those who do cross the border from Tajikistan into this sliver of wilderness are never disappointed.

Things to do in Afghanistan

Get on four wheels. You need the right vehicle to navigate the Wakhan Corridor’s challenging roads.  That’s the only way to explore its mosques, ruined castles and breath taking hot springs. Recently, we took some adventurous guests on a Wakhan Explorer Jeep Expedition in this location.

Ascend Noshaq. The second highest mountain in the Hindu Kush is no easy climb. Treacherous snow coats the peaks of Noshaq and clambering up to its summit is challenging. If you can pull it off, views of the entire Wakhan Corridor will be your reward.

How to travel Afghanistan

Maybe we’re biased, but we believe that our specialist tours are the best way to do Afghanistan travel.

If you want to join us on one of our existing iteniraries, or build one from the ground-up, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

With photos courtesy of Alex Treadway.


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