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Underwater forests. Futuristic skyscrapers. Cosmic discovery. Kazakhstan travel is perfect for curious adventurers.

This country straddles the breadth of Central Asia, from Nur-Sultan to the shores of the Caspian Sea. Along dusty roads and scenic railways, our Kazakhstan tours uncover the country’s Silk Road lore.

With its very own Wild West and active spaceport, Kazakhstan feels like a Hollywood movie set. Its vast, open plains offer crystal-clear views of the stars – and if you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a rocket in the night-sky.

Things to do in Kazakhstan


Explore the newly named Nur-Sultan. Formerly Astana, Nur-Sultan’s immense oil wealth has attracted the attention of the world’s best architects. Inbetween the skyscrapers, a street-food and alternative music scene is leaving its own mark on the capital. That’s why The Telegraph named Nur-Sultan ‘the world’s hottest new city destination’ in 2017.

Baikonur. It’s a space station. In the desert. Rockets still take off from there. Are you not sold?

Stay in a Yurt in Mangistau. This Martian wilderness of rock, mountain and desert is more than a worthy of a walkabout. We can organise a night in a yurt for you here with panoramic views of the yawning valleys of Mangistau. There is no better way to do Silk Road travel.

Embark on a Silk Road tour


Our bespoke Kazakhstan tours stretch the country to its seams. We know that every corner of this country has its own unique stories, and its our job to tell them.

Antonia – one of our directors – first visited Kazakstan in 2006 when she travelled from Thailand to England in a pink tuk-tuk. Don’t worry, she’s fine now – the point is that she was bowled over by the kindness of the Kazakh people and beauty of the steppe.

As experts in Kazakhstan travel (or as we like to think),  we have become rather good at organising tailor-made tours in this country.  We can cater to your style of adventure by personally getting to know you.

Whether you want to visit Kazakhstan for its desert canyons, tranquil lakes or the beat of the shamam’s drum, let’s talk.


Kazakhstan Tours

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