Why travel in Turkey?

Turkey’s Kaçkar Mountains, little-explored Black Sea coastline and mysterious, burning Chimaera are just a few of the things that make this country a worthy destination for adventurers. Not to mention its flourishing culture, winding bazaars and whirling dervishes.

Turkey’s Silk Road Charm

At the height of the Silk Road the Turks knew this famous trade route as the Uzun Yol, or the ‘Long Road’. From the deep canyons of Cappadocia to the vast Anatolian plains, the Silk Road’s network of tracks, highways and caravanserais traversed this country from east to west.

Constantinople’s Golden Horn was one of the key terminus’ of the Great Silk Road. Then, as now, Constantinople  – modern Istanbul – was the seam at which Asia ended and Europe began.

Things to do in Turkey

Rise with the call to prayer in Istanbul. Istanbul comes to life as the dawn muezzin call drifts across the rooftops and down its winding alleys. Rise with it to experience the magic of this historic city without the daytime crowds.

Loosen up with a hammam. Lie on a heated marble slab, enjoy a massage and be scrubbed better than you have in a decade. Afterwards, submerge yourself in steaming hot and icy cold baths. Rinse and repeat.

Hunt for Noah’s Ark. In 2010, a team of Christian evangelists were 99.9% sure they’d found it. We take that with a pinch of salt, but there’s nothing wrong with having a go yourself. Rumour is that the arc might be washed up on the slopes of Mount Ararat.

Embark on a Silk Road Adventure

We’re currently developing a range of bespoke Turkey tours. In the meantime, check out our Caucasus itineraries for a taste of the crossroads between east and west.

If you’re keen to see Turkey from the Silk Road perspective, we are always interested in discussing tailored tours. Whether you want to add a Turkish destination onto an existing Silk Road itinerary or start from scratch, we’d love to share our Silk Road expertise with you. Why not get in touch?

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