Our Silk Road Destinations


Our tours take guests to more then ten countries along the historic Silk Road. Spanning the Caucasus and Central Asia, these Silk Road destinations offer endless adventure.

From madrassa tours of Uzbekistan to wine-tasting experiences in Georgia, we have created travel experiences that capture the essence of the Silk Road. In each country, our expert local guides have an in-depth knowledge of historic ruins, natural parks and the best bakeries

Central Asia Tours


We specialise in crafting bespoke adventures in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Whether you fancy a weekend away in Samarkand or a yurt adventure in the Pamirs, we can organise a Central Asia tour for you.


Caucasus Tours


Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia boast great wine, thermal baths and mountain churches. Our director – Ants – spent time in this region when working as a producer on Joann Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure. Our Caucasus tours follow in her footsteps, taking guests to the same hotels, homestays and caravanserai.

Join us on a Silk Road Adventure


Fancy doing something a little different? Then come and join us. Our tours create travel memories that are recalled again and again.

Here’s an interactive map showing all of our Silk Road destinations:


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