Our Carbon Dioxide calculations for 2018 were as follows:

(KG figures are kilogrammes of carbon dioxide emissions as per www.atmosfair.de)

  • Return flight London to Amman = 1882KG
  • Return flight London to Tehran via Istanbul = 2389KG
  • One way flight London to Dushanbe = 1538KG
  • One way flight from Tashkent to Nukus = 549KG
  • One way flight from Bishkek to London via Istanbul = 2545KG
  • One way flight¬† from London to Baku = 1034KG
  • One way flight from Baku to Tbilisi = 147KG
  • One Way flight from Tbilisi to London via Istanbul = 974KG

Total 10,058 KG Co2 emissions

We have made a donation to the Wales Wild Land Foundation and become “Cambrian Wildwood Founders” in the process. We are highly supportive of the efforts of this UK-based rewilding foundation which is looking at serious alternatives to traditional conservation practices. In doing so, the charity aims to permit the rewilding of areas of Wales that have historically been kept “trim and neat” for traditional upland conservation efforts (valid as they are, many traditional conservation techniques preserve a very low biodiversity environment) rather that truly wild areas which support high biodiversity and consequently high carbon sequestration.

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