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Small and Friendly

We pride ourselves on being a friendly company who make an effort to get to know all of our guests personally. We aim to meet all of our tailor-made guests in person and, if that’s not possible, we’re always at the other end of the telephone or an email.

The same mentality applies to our small group tours. We only travel in intimate groups of ten or less, and many of our guests become lifelong friends – of ours and with each other. With such small groups, there’s always plenty of room for everyone around the yurt fire – and never a microphone or flag-waving guide in sight.

A Curious Approach to Travel

We love the quirky, the creative, the surprising and the unusual – those hidden corners and untold stories in the wrinkles and creases at the edge of the map. And we want to show you these places too.

You won’t find us among the yapping, snapping hordes at tourist hot-spots; we’ll be around the corner having tea with a local baker or nosing around those ruins over the hill.

That’s probably something to do with our team’s background in journalism and TV production. Each and every turn that we take on our trips is informed by expert research, and inspired by our taste for the unusual.

Tailor-Made Experiences

A lot of our guests travel on tailor-made trips that are designed to suit their own style of travel. Perhaps you want to explore Uzbekistan’s Silk Road Cities, visit Georgia’s natural wineries or go snow-leopard spotting in Central Asia. Whatever you wish to do, and however you would like to do it, we can make it happen.

Connecting Continents

In a world of growing distrust, we want to be a travel company that builds bridges. On our tours we drink toasts with nomadic families in Kyrgyzstan, eat belt-breaking feasts in Georgian villages and hear folk songs around camp fires in the Wakhan.

Our guests return home with an arsenal of new friends and a renewed connection to the world beyond their own shores. Time and again our guests tell us how much they love the personal nature of our trips.

Experts on the Silk Road

As children, we were told stories about the swashbuckling campaigns of Alexander the Great, Babur and Chinggis Khan.

A handful of our expeditions each year are still led by one of our directors, Marley or Antonia. Others are led by carefully-chosen experts – authors, film-makers, well-known adventurers, conservationists, musicians, UN consultants – or tried and trusted local guides.

All of our guides are hugely knowledgeable, brimming with energy and care deeply about the welfare of our guests. They also share our passion about the places, people and stories of the Silk Road.

“I hung on to every one of the stories told by my fixer for this trip, Marley Burns, who in 2014 first drove the Pamir Highway on a motorbike. A year later, he set up a tour company with his partner, British travel writer Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent. Between them, they have been back more than 20 times. They know the ins and outs, from Tajikistan’s best trucker stops to buy fresh pomegranate juice, to the most reliable drivers (mine was called Gulnazar, his name translating as “looks like roses”), to the farmers trying to re-wild their mountains and attract visitors for snow leopard tourism.” Author and journalist Sophy Roberts, writing in The Financial Times. August 2020

Making Our Own Tracks since 2015

We started our company in 2015 under the name Edge Expeditions. That year, we ran our first expedition in remote Tajikistan. Our business was born from passion and enthusiasm for the places we now share with you. Our research is obsessive and never stops. There is always something new to discover.

Nowadays, we’re called Silk Road Adventures and our passionate, expert team specializes in Central Asia, Iran and the Caucasus.

First and foremost, we believe that travel should be fun – it’s our mission to deliver experiences with plenty of character.

But don’t take our word for it…

Since we began running expeditions in 2015, a high percentage of our customers have booked to travel with us again….and again…and again. Some of  our guests have now travelled with us three or four times. So surely we’re doing something right?

Have a look at out testimonials page for more information.

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With images courtesy of Charles Pitcaithly, Alex Treadway and Tom Allen.

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