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£4,650.00 Best of Brilliant Tajikistan

Classic Tajikistan

Explore one of the Silk Road’s best kept secrets. This Classic Tajikistan tour will take you from the capital, Dushanbe, to the peaks of the Pamirs, Silk Road fortresses and the hidden stories of the Great Game.

£5,850.00 Snow Leopard 22021 Departure

Snow Leopards of Central Asia

Unique and fabulous opportunity to seek and (hopefully) spot the elusive snow leopard in the mountains of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Led by experts who’ll help ensure your visit helps to preserve these iconic creatures.

£3,290.00 Celebrate Novruz Festival during your trip!

Uzbekistan Spring Festival

A unique opportunity to experience the very best of Uzbekistan – Khiva, Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent – during the Spring Festival of Novruz. Enjoy the foods, music, dance and traditional celebrations of this 3000 year-old Zoroastrian festival on this immersive, small-group tour.

£12,000.00 Silk Road Odyssey

Tailor Made: Silk Road Odyssey

An unrivalled chance to explore as much or as little of the Silk Road as you would like on a tailor made adventure.  Designed by our experts to meet your specific desires.

Follow in the footsteps of


£3,650.00 modern building in Azerbaijan2021 Dates Just Released!

In Joanna Lumley’s Footsteps: Georgia and Azerbaijan

Discover the Silk Road on this fabulous exploration of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Follow in the footsteps of Joanna Lumley on this trip, designed by our own Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent, a producer of the Silk Road Series.

£3,850.00 yurt with a bench sat on the silk roadNew 2020 Dates Added

In Joanna Lumley’s Footsteps: Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan

Exploring the Silk Road as shown in Joanna Lumley’s popular TV series, this trip has been designed by one of the series producers and provides a unique chance to really get to follow in her footsteps. An incredible opportunity.

£3,650.00 iran temple featured on the silk road

Iran: In Joanna Lumley’s Footsteps

A superbly-curated tour that follows in Joanna Lumley’s footsteps from her ITV Silk Road TV series. Designed by Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent, a producer of the series itself. This is a classic Iran itinerary with a personal twist that can’t be replicated. All aboard!

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We ONLY cover the Silk Road

Specialists who really know the history and culture of the places you’ll pass through.
Not generalists who offer the Silk Road amongst a global destination list
We are passionate about our destinations and like to ensure each guest has the best possible experience of them

Slow Travel, Deep Experience

We aren’t interested in dashing through. Stop. Breathe. Take it all in.
These are experiences you’ll want to remember forever.
We want them to be treasured memories that you’ll be boring your grandchildren about for years to come!

Inside Knowledge

It’s about knowing who makes the best bread, which angle provides the best view or which footpath evokes the greatest sense of place. We’ve been roving around the Silk Road countries for some years now, and we believe that we know them pretty well. 85% of our customers come on a second trip with us.