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£2,930.00 2021 and 2022 Dates Available

Classic Uzbekistan: Minarets and Madrassas

Our classic Uzbekistan itinerary showcases much of what this country is rightly famous for. An intoxicating mixture of deserts, ancient walled citadels and spectacular Silk Road architecture that you’ll remember forever.

£4,350.00 tajikistan-motorbike-pamir-mountains-snow2022 Dates Now Available

Ultimate Pamir Highway by Motorcycle

Experience Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan’s legendary Pamir Highway by motorcycle. A thrilling ride along a route often billed as one of the best motorcycle rides on earth. You’ll soon see why.

£5,850.00 Snow Leopard 22022 Departure

Snow Leopards of Central Asia

Unique and fabulous opportunity to seek and (hopefully) spot the elusive snow leopard in the mountains of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Led by experts who’ll help ensure your visit helps to preserve these iconic creatures.

£4,650.00 2021 and 2022 Dates Available

Classic Tajikistan

Explore one of the Silk Road’s best kept secrets. This Classic Tajikistan tour will take you from the capital, Dushanbe, to the peaks of the Pamirs, Silk Road fortresses and the hidden stories of the Great Game.

£3,450.00 Ustyurt-plateau-Kazakhstan-tours-mangistauTailor Made Kazakhstan

Tailor-Made: Kazakhstan’s Wild West

A delightfully alternative view of Kazakhstan. Ancient history, booming cities, lost seas and wide-open wilderness.

£18,000.00 Silk Road Odyssey

Tailor-Made: A Silk Road Odyssey

An unrivalled chance to explore the majesty of the Silk Road on an expertly designed Tailor-Made adventure.  Expect minarets, mountains, nomads and more.

Follow in the footsteps of


£3,820.00 modern building in AzerbaijanPlaces available still for 2021

In Joanna Lumley’s Footsteps: Georgia and Azerbaijan

Discover the Silk Road on this fabulous exploration of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Follow in the footsteps of Joanna Lumley on this trip, designed by our director Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent, a producer of the Silk Road Series.

£3,850.00 yurt with a bench sat on the silk road2022 Dates Now Available

In Joanna Lumley’s Footsteps: Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

Exploring the Silk Road as shown in Joanna Lumley’s popular TV series, this trip has been designed by one of the series producers and provides a unique chance to really get to follow in her footsteps. An incredible opportunity.

£3,650.00 iran temple featured on the silk roadTailor-Made Iran

Joanna Lumley’s Footsteps: Iran

A superbly-curated tour that follows in Joanna Lumley’s footsteps across Iran.

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What's different about Silk Road Adventures Ltd?

The Silk Road Specialists

This part of the world is our heart and soul. You won’t find us west of the Istanbul, or east of the Tien Shan. We delve into the creases of the map and stretch the Silk Road to its seams.

We are the specialists in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Iran.

Immersive Experiences

We don’t do tick-box tours; we talk to people. We don’t rush from one madrassa to the next; we take time to pause, reflect and connect. We don’t follow the tourist trail on our group and tailor-made tours; we travel along tracks made centuries ago by Nabatean merchants.

Inside Knowledge

Antonia, one of our company directors, produced Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure series. The other – Marley – has spent time living in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia. That’s how we know who bakes the best bread in Bukhara and which hidden trails to take through the Pamirs.